Senior Center finds new home

Larry McGuire
Staff Writer

Pictured is Debbie Long, Punxsutawney Senior Center manager, with Bruce Allen McKinstry, who walked 120 laps with his walker, which is quite a distinction. The Senior Center’s new home is in the ATA Transit Center on North Findley Street in downtown Punxsutawney.

"We have enough room for everybody, and everyone was pleased," Long said. "We're very happy here, as we get everything moved in that will fit. Recently, our shuffleboard was delivered, and I looked up the rules online and posted them, since no one knew how the game was played."

In regard to the parking, Long noted that she has a jar of quarters to give to the seniors to pay for their parking meters, so she hopes that doesn’t deter anyone from coming.

She added that there's a woman who lives at Graystone Court who sings and plays guitar and would like to entertain the seniors at the center, and she also said that she has tickets to the Jackson Theater to give away to the seniors.

On Oct. 16 through Oct. 17, they will be holding an AARP refresher driver safety course at the center, and Long added they are looking at the possibility of holding a tai chi class in the new center. Tai chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for its defense training, health benefits and meditation. Long said they are still in the discussion stages regarding that, but it’s a possibility.