Reynoldsville Borough Council recognizes Jeremy Snyder as Citizen of the Month

Staff Writer

Pictured here (far right) is Jeremy Snyder receiving the Reynoldsville Citizen of the Month Award, presented to him at Wednesday's Borough Council Meeting, from council member Tucker August (left) and council president Bill Cebulskie. On Jan. 8, at 7 a.m., Snyder was out working and noticed the driver of a car in a field about 100 yards away who needed help and went about rescuing this person.

"As (the individual) said, 'he was her guardian angel,' as she was four-and-a-half months pregnant," Cebulskie pointed out. "He drove her car out and got her to safety."

Cebulskie added that Snyder is co-chairman of Golf Day in Reynoldsville, and that in the last year, the group raised $5,000 for the kids in Reynoldsville. "They gave that money to the Reynoldsville Falcons, CG Johnson PTA, Western PA CARES for Kids and Camp Friendship," Cebulskie said.