Punxsy track and field programs honor senior members

Zak Lantz

On Tuesday afternoon, the Punxsy boys' and girls' track and field teams hosted what will be their only home meet of the year, welcoming Elk County Catholic to Jack LaMarca Stadium. Prior to the meet, the teams honored their senior members, as is customary at the final meet of the season. (First photo) The senior members of the girls' track and field team, pictured here (from left) with their family members surrounding them, are Alyse Whitman, the daughter of Michele Whitman; Sammy Dyson, the daughter of Linda and Doug Dyson; Elyse White, the daughter of Steve and Shannon White; Shawnelle Miller, the daughter of Carrie and Shawn Miller; Leah Miller, the daughter of Sally and Roy Miller; Kristin Lowmaster, the daughter of Michael and Deana Lowmaster; Sophia Lambiotte, the daughter of Patricia and Charles Lambiotte; Isabel Hackenberry, the daughter of Tina Hackenberry; Hayley Dilts, the daughter of Darcy Lemmon; Midori Bridges, the daughter of Karen and Dave Drozd; and Paige Beatty, the daughter of Mike and Stephanie Beatty. Missing from the photo is Kaitlin Doverspike, the daughter of Edy and Eric Doverspike. (Second photo) The senior members of the boys' track and field team, pictured here (from left) with their family members, are Antonio Stello, the son of Nick and Lauri Stello; Ben Presloid, the son of Joe and Kerri Presloid; Zack May, the son of Penny May; Ty Knarr, the son of Chango Pearce and Theresa Manners; Matthew Greenblatt, the son of Lori and Jason Greenblatt; Jake Pearce, the son of Dave and Tracey Pearce; Caleb Bender, the son of Leigh Bender and Nathan Smith; Andrew Ritchey, the son of Dave and Becky Ritchey; Matthew Wehrle, the son of George and Carol Wehrle; and Cameron Yankasky, the son of Craig and Jennifer Yankasky. Missing from the photo is Stone Smith, the son of Mark and Lorry Smith.