Punxsy man charged with stealing hundreds of thousands

Staff Writer

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Punxsutawney-based Pennsylvania State Police announced Wednesday in a press release that 33-year-old Jay Alexander Philliber of Punxsutawney was arrested in connection with the theft of approximately $350,000 in both cash and merchandise from a 72-year-old victim.

"Dating back to 2015 and continuing for a period of several years, the accused, while acting as power of attorney for the victim, withdrew funds and made numerous check and credit card purchases utilizing the victim's personal information," police said.
Police said that Philliber's actions were discovered by the victim's son following review of her bank documentation and that the son discovered that a short time after the victim was found to be suffering from dementia, Philliber allegedly began to remove money from her account. Police also said that Philliber charged approximately $90,000 on the victim's credit card for hotels, bars, tobacco products and other items.

Online court documents indicate that Philliber has been charged with five felonies in relation with this incident — one count of theft by unlawful taking-movable property (felony-two), one count of theft by deception-false impression (felony-two), one count of receiving stolen property (felony-two), one count of theft by failing to make required disposition of funds (felony-two) and one count of access device used to obtain or attempt to obtain property or services (felony-three).

The criminal complaint was filed on Wednesday in Magisterial District Court 54-3-01.