Punxsy Lions report successful White Cane campaign

Larry McGuire
Staff Writer

Punxsutawney Lions Club recently concluded another successful White Cane campaign to help those in need of glasses and struggling with other sight-related difficulties.

Joe Molitierno, White Cane coordinator, said that they moved the collection back a week this year.

“We go out and stand on the road with the White Cane and collect from the people in town, and they’ve been very supportive,” Molitierno said, adding that the campaign this year was very successful due to the generosity of local residents.

He said the results will allow the club to help meet the needs of individuals who require financial help with
new prescription glasses.

Molitierno is pictured with one of the used glasses collection boxes at Dr. Dave Gigliotti’s office in Punxsutawney.