Punxsy Chamber launches Phase 2 of banner project

Staff Writer

If you were disappointed that you missed out on the American Hero Banners that were displayed throughout Punxsutawney Borough prior to Memorial Day, good news: You
can jump on board for Phase Two.

“Thanks to the passion, dedication, and voluntary work of a local women’s group, known as the Lemon Drops, and with the partnerships of the local Rotary Club and the Punxsutawney Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc., the American Hero Banners Project came to reality in Punxsutawney during the Spring of 2020,” said Bob Cardamone, Punxsutawney Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, adding that the purpose of this project is to honor local past and present military personnel.

Cardamone noted that the Lemon Drops recently transitioned the American Hero Banner Project to the Punxsutawney Chamber. However, the Lemon Drops remain committed to helping the Chamber make Phase Two of the project successful.

“The Chamber initiated Phase Two on Sept. 1, and the phase will end on Oct. 31, 2020,” he said.

He added that they have approximately 100 more banners that they can do and an unlimited number of garden flags either for Phase One photos or Phase Two, and you don’t have to have a banner to get a garden flag.

Banner (30”x60”) cost is $300 each; garden flags (12.5”x18”) with banners cost $25 each; garden flags without banners cost $30 each. Photo editing, if required, costs $75.

The placement of banners cannot be guaranteed.

Questions regarding the banners and flags can be directed to the Chamber at (814) 938-7700 or via email at chamber@punxsutawney.com.