Punxsy Borough Council accepts Porada’s resignation

Staff Writer

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Punxsutawney Borough Council accepted the resignation of a council member at a special meeting held on Monday, receiving and accepting the resignation of Jeanne Porada. The meeting was specially called so they could accept her resignation and begin the search for a replacement.

Punxsutawney Borough solicitor Nick Gianvito said that council will be placing ads in The Spirit advertising the position, with the deadline being June 30. The ad will run three times, and anyone who interested should submit their letter by that deadline. Gianvito added that council members have to fill the position within 30 days, and if they don't do so, a citizen can petition the court to award the vacant seat to them.

Porada gave no reason in her letter for why she was resigning; she had missed several meetings recently.