PSP-Indiana warns of Halloween candy tampering

Staff Writer

MARION CENTER — Indiana-based Pennsylvania State Police reported Tuesday an incident that started over the weekend involving the reckless endangerment of an area juvenile in relation to Halloween candy.

The report said that police are currently investigating the incident, which occurred on Saturday and came to light on Monday in the Marion Center area, East Mahoning Township, Indiana County, in which a known 16-year-old female received medical treatment after consuming a piece of candy that contained a small razor blade.

Police said the victim attempted to chew a piece of gum in this particular incident, but it is possible, they noted, that other types of candy could also have been tampered with.

The victim, who was treated for cuts in her mouth on Monday, said that she got the candy from the Trunk or Treat event that occurred in the Marion Center area
on Halloween Day.

Police urged children and parents who participated in this event to thoroughly check the candy or other items obtained there and from other trick-or-treating type activities before consuming anything.

Anyone who comes into contact with other contaminated or hazardous candy or other items from the trunk or treat event or other activities is urged to call PSP-Indiana.