PCS students make history lesson ‘person’al

Recently the students in Mrs. Dilts’ third-grade class at Punxsutawney Christian School completed a character book report.

The students were required to read a biography and then write a report and create their famous person in history.

Pictured with their projects (front, from left) are: Emily Hannah with Walt Disney; Jordann Hicks with Betsy Ross; Nathan Kuhn with Christopher Columbus; Danielle Anthony with Rosa Parks; Sam Hindman with Thomas Edison; Wade Wilder with Paul Revere; Amara Buffington with Dr. Seuss; Trinity Edney with Johnny Appleseed; (back) Jake Milliron with Daniel Boone; Evan Groce with Roberto Clemente; Michael Clemmer with George Washington; Cole Brooks with Franklin Roosevelt; Zack Sprankle with Steve Jobs; Karli Young with Anne Frank; Jasmine Wingert with Neil Armstrong; and Joel Mehalic with Babe Ruth. (Photo courtesy of Punxsutawney Christian School)