Rose Klaiber
Of The Spirit

Thursday evening, six Punxsutawney Christian School seniors proceeded down the aisle at the First United Methodist Church to end one chapter of their lives with graduation.

Before the ceremony began, Cheryl Kephart played the prelude/processional, then Lori Galbraith, PCS principal, took to the podium to welcome the graduates, their families and friends in attendance.

"It's hard to believe that graduation is here for all of you. Out of our six amazing graduates, three of them started kindergarten with us. One of them started pre-school with us, and although two came a little later, it always felt like you've been apart of our PCS family all along," Galbraith said. "It seems like yesterday that I was tying shoes, and we were playing our competitive games of ‘Around the World in Math,’ and as you entered high school, it was fulfilling to see the six of you grow both academically and spiritually. Now, you are here this evening ready to step out on the path that God has intended for each of you. The diploma you have worked so hard for is now your passport for dreams and for hopes. You are a dynamic group of young men and women — such strong individuals who have bonded together and became a great group of friends."

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