Pantall under new ownership with restoration plans

Staff Writer

When we last left the Pantall Hotel story, there were many unknowns; the one thing we did know was that it had a new owner, and now there are signs that some work is about to begin, as the parking lot has been fenced off and there’s a dumpster parked inside the area.

Back on March 6, 2020, the Pantall Hotel was purchased by Dennis Rodriguez, Influential Partners, LLC, who has been the first lien holder on the property for a number of years.

Jefferson County Sheriff Carl Gotwald said that on that day, the lien holder purchased the Pantall Hotel for $1 plus the costs, which were being contested, specifically the state corporate tax and unemployment tax.

Eventually, that was all taken care of, so what happened after that appears to be good news if you’re a lover of the historic structure.

So, what occurred after all of the back taxes and liens were satisfied?

The hotel was sold by Rodriguez to Speakeasy Enterprises LLC and the Duffell family.

They issued a statement on Thursday in regard to the hotel’s future and their plans.

According to their release, “We have begun the arduous project of restoring this grand hotel to its yesteryear glory
as the flagship of the community.

“The first step is to evaluate, preserve and restore the infrastructure, and clean out the building,” they stated.

They went on to say, “An auction is tentatively planned for late summer to include the contents of the Pantall that will not be part of the restoration.

“We appreciate the words of encouragement that we’ve received so far,” the Duffell family said.