PAHS soccer seniors honored

Staff Writer

On Wednesday night, while hosting Brockway, the Punxsy girls’ and boys’ soccer teams honored their senior players and statisticians. (Left photo) The seniors for the girls’ team were (front row, from left) Heather States, the daughter of Curt and Angie States; Delaney Martino, the daughter of Jason and Susan Martino; and Elia Gaston, the daughter of Jenna and Greg Gaston. (Right photo) For the boys’ team, the seniors who were honored included (from left) statistician Zackery May, the son of Penny May; Ben Presloid, the son of Joe and Kerri Presloid; Matthew Wehrle, the son of George and Carol Wehrle; and statistician Elyse White, the daughter of Steve and Shannon White. (Photos by Zak Lantz/The Punxsutawney Spirit)