More than 15,000 turn out to vote in Jefferson County

Staff Writer

With all 37 Jefferson County precincts counted just after 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, the report issued by the county commissioners noted that 15,153 voters — 50 percent of those registered — turned out in the county, which leaned heavily toward the Republican candidates with its results.
Voters faced just four races on their ballots, weighing in on the contests for governor and lieutenant governor; U.S. Senator; Representative in Congress (15th District); and Representative in the General Assembly (66th District).
Of those who voted straight party in the county, 7,112 did so for the Republicans, with 1,750 voting straight party for the Democrats, 32 for the Libertarian party and 17 for the Green party.
In the race for governor and lieutenant governor, GOP candidate Scott Wagner and running mate Jeffrey Bartos received 10,688 votes (71.02 percent of the total). Incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf and his running mate, John Fetterman, received 4,107 votes in the county, but based on the results issued by the Associated Press on Tuesday evening, Wolf had been declared the winner of the state-wide race.
A similar situation unfolded in the contest for the United States Senator seat for Pennsylvania, where Democrat Bob Casey Jr. and Republican Lou Barletta were squaring off. Barletta was dominant in the Jefferson County results, receiving 10,507 votes (69.88 percent), while Casey earned just 4,265. However, on the state level, the results that came in by 9 p.m. were convincing enough that the Associated Press had deemed Casey the winner of the seat.
In the two races for more localized seats, those who already held office fared well in both the county and in their final results.
With the seat for the Representative of the 66th District in the General Assembly on the line, incumbent Cris Dush, a Republican, earned 79.53 percent of the votes in Jefferson County (11,961), while Democratic candidate Kerith Strano Taylor received 3,060.
The district also includes parts of Indiana County, where results showed Dush received 4,635 votes to Taylor’s 1,181, sealing the win for Dush.
Republican Glenn “GT” Thompson was the incumbent defending his seat in Congress, and in the race for the 15th District, Thompson was the overwhelming favorite in Jefferson County, receiving 11,810 votes (78.54 percent) to Democrat Susan Boser’s 3,217 votes (21.39 percent).
Statewide, results showed that just after 10 p.m., Thompson was deemed the winner of the seat, which spans 10 counties, including Jefferson, and parts of four others.

PHOTO: It was a busy election day everywhere on Tuesday. At the Jefferson Street Social Center in Punxsutawney, there were already 350 voters as of 4 p.m. when this photo was taken. Pictured is Jennifer Lohnsandt voting, with Abby Lohnsandt watching on as she does.