Looking Back: A deeper look into Punxsutawney’s history — Charles Margiotti & ‘Iron Irene’

Destiny Pifer
Of The Spirit

(Editor’s Note: Following an interest in the history of the Punxsutawney area and the people who grew up here, Spirit reporter Destiny Pifer will be writing a weekly feature on some of the things about our town’s history — and the influence of the people who have lived here in historical events that shaped the state and nation. This week, she opens the series with a look at defense attorney Charles J. Margiotti and his role in the famous case against Irene Schroeder.)

It was perhaps the most famous murder trial that had ever hit Pennsylvania in the early 1900s — one that revealed a torrid love affair, savage murders and a crime spree that led all the way to Arizona.

It was also the murder trial where the late Charles J. Margiotti of Punxsy, a well-known defense attorney, had been chosen as a special prosecutor to take on the case against Irene Schroeder, who would be the first woman in Pennsylvania to die in the electric chair.

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