Halloween Fest costumes creative as ever

Nick LaBelle
Staff Writer

The 6th annual Halloween Fest was held Saturday at Barclay Square and hosted fun and games for the whole family. The event benefitted REACT. The winners of this year’s costume contest are pictured here. They are (from left) Cheyenne Helman as Lego Wonder Woman, Braycen Kanouff as Lego Batman, Nathan Kanouff as Lego Superman, Kyson Chambers as a teacup, Karli Chambers as Beast, Kobii Chambers as Belle, Leh Pearce as a wolf, David Vrobel as a Ghostbuster, Deegan Vrobel as a Ghostbuster, Jennie Overly as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Amber Vrobel as a ghost, Paityn Thompson as Cruella de Vil and Rohwyn Thompson as a dalmatian.