Gage to the rescue: Rochester Mills teen jumps into action to assist neighbor

Staff Writer

Gage Orf, who was 13 years old at the time and has since turned 14, lives in Rochester Mills; Gage, the son of Jodi and Kenneth Orf, became a hero when he came to the aid of his neighbor, 81-year-old Sylvia Work, who was bitten by the fox.

Gage said that he was in the yard beside their house and went to the aid of Sylvia, who was calling for help. Jodi Orf said that when they heard the cry for help, her son went into action and ran across the street.

“When I got there, she was laying on the ground, and I grabbed the fox from her and took it across the road and put into a cage,” Gage explained.

The results of the test on the fox found that it was rabid, and both Sylvia and Gage have had to get a series of rabies shots. Despite the shots, Gage said that he’d do it again no matter what the danger, as when someone is in need of help, he’s willing to come to the rescue if at all possible.