Further details emerge in case of Anita woman accused of institutional sexual assault

Staff Writer

Further details in the case of an Anita woman accused of institutional sexual assault were released by District Judge Douglas Chambers’ office on Thursday.
Megan Roselyn Bartley, 29, has been charged with 15 counts of institutional sexual assault, 20 counts of corruption of minors and 20 counts of unlawful contact with minors on allegations that she engaged in a sexual relationship with a minor student while working as a special education teacher at Soaring Heights School.
Also facing charges is Bridget Ann Kruzelak, 41, DeLancey, the victim’s mother, who is alleged to have endangered the welfare of children in that she was aware of the relationship and allowed it to continue.
Police became aware of the situation via a ChildLine report of suspected child abuse and neglect. Bartley began working at Soaring Heights in DuBois at the beginning of the year, gaining full-time status Aug. 21 only to be suspended two days later as a result of the investigation.
Bartley was interviewed Sept. 29. When police asked why she thought she was there, she reportedly said there was a rumor that the victim had been seen with her in her car, which she called false. She said the relationship between them was simply student/teacher and denied ever speaking with him via cellphone.
When police advised her that they had obtained all of her cellphone records, she reportedly admitted that she had been in contact and was in a current relationship with the victim, saying that the two of them were dating. Police said she also told them that their relationship had included sexual intercourse.
On Sept. 30, police interviewed the victim, who related that he and Bartley were “between friends and dating.” He confirmed that they had engaged in sexual intercourse, and said the most recent occurrence had been two or three days prior — Bartley had been contacted on Sept. 24, indicating that she allegedly had sex with the victim with knowledge of the investigation. The victim said their relationship had been physical since mid-August of that year.
On Oct. 4, police interviewed the program director at Soaring Heights, who provided multiple school documents related to the investigation, including the therapeutic boundaries agreement, signed by Bartley, which states that members of the staff are to refrain from inappropriate physical contact and verbal or written communication with students.
The initial report came about when a special education teacher told the program director she had heard Bartley was spending time with the victim. The special education teacher showed the program director text messages from the friend who had told her.
The program director told police that later, another special education teacher unplugged the victim’s cellphone from its charger for him, causing it to light up and display romantic messages between Bartley and the victim. These two incidents led to the ChildLine report that alerted police.
Police considered this evidence sufficient to file charges against Bartley. They also charged Kruzelak with one count of endangering the welfare of children after interviewing her on Sept. 30. She reportedly told police that she was aware of the relationship between Bartley and her son and felt it was a good thing and had been “blown out of proportion.” She said she did not have proof that the relationship was sexual but had assumed it was.