Forty-one cats removed from Punxsy home

Jefferson County Humane  Police Officer Debbie McAndrew
Staff Writer

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Forty-one feral cats were rescued from a home on Pine Street in Punxsutawney on Tuesday, in response to complaints from neighbors regarding the odor coming from the home.

Debbie McAndrew, Jefferson County humane police officer, stated that in January, she received a complaint about cats living in unclean living conditions at that location.

She reported that she went to the home in question at 249 Pine St. and looked thorough the front window and saw that the cats were living in filth.

"So, I marked the property and asked for the owner to please call me. As humane officers, we would help clean the place up, so she could keep her cats," McAndrew said, adding that she received no response.

McAndrew noted that she returned a month later and again reposted the property; her original notes were gone, and feeding stations for the cats had changed, so she knew someone had been at the property. She said there was also no reply to her second notice.

"I waited again until just last week, and I posted a third notice, begging her to please call me so I can help her," McAndrew stated. "After no response again, I had no choice but to get a warrant. The cleanliness of the house never changed from my view in the window in the three months that I had left notes."

Summary charges are expected to be filed on Thursday, with one of the penalties to be recommended that the owner not be able to own a pet for 90 days per infraction.