Familiar "face" in Frostburg

Staff Writer

Shirley Sharp submitted this photo, along with the following information: With "shelter in place" being the norm for residents of the Punxsutawney area, members of the Frostburg community have taken a local tradition and turned it into a statement for the times. The "soup man" is a recognizable figure for the annual Frostburg soup/pie luncheon held in early October. The soup man begins his appearance each year in late September as a reminder to passersby that the date for the soup luncheon is fast approaching. The soup man has changed from his chef's outfit into his gardening clothes, noting for all of us that spring has arrived. This chef, turned gardener, stands in front of the Frostburg Community Center to remind residents — and those passing by on Route 536 — to enjoy the fresh air and stay safe by wearing face masks.