Derby Report: Flood City Sirens win versus the Backwoods Bruisers

Backwoods Bruisers blockers #57 Crash-it-Critter, Rage Maker (center) and Hunter S. Stomps 'Em slow down the Flood City Sirens Jammer Nuncrusher. (Photo submitted)

WINDBER — The Backwoods Bruisers traveled to Windber, Pa., on the afternoon of Saturday, Aug. 5., to play the Flood City Sirens of J-Town Roller Girls. The Bruisers fought hard in a very defensive flat-track roller derby game.

The Sirens had the lead at halftime, 82-57, and had a few big jams in the second half, which the Bruisers could not match, allowing the Sirens to win the bout 192-124.

In the first 15 minutes (of 30-minute halves), both teams employed a score quickly and end the jam strategy. Both teams scored a small amount of points, and the Bruisers held a slim 6-4 lead after six jams. The Sirens tied the game at 11 points apiece at the midpoint of the first half, but the Sirens would score 14 points in the next two jams thanks to #6669 Nuncrusher.

The Bruisers responded with 11 points in the 13th jam by #14 Friday, but she would commit a penalty and allow #37 Barbie O’Havoc to score 16 points for the Sirens.

The Sirens increased their lead to 58-43 over the Bruisers at the conclusion of jam 24. Neither team would score more than four points in a jam between jams 12 and 24.

Bruiser jammer Lizzy talked about the Siren defense, saying, “(Their) walls were tough, and their blockers knew where we were trying to go; it was hard-hitting action.”

Friday stepped to the jammer line in jam 26, late in the second half, and she scored 12 points for the Bruisers, but again was called for a penalty to allow Nuncrusher to score 15 points in a full two-minute jam.

Bruiser captain Hunter S. Stomps ‘Em said, regarding the penalties, “Those penalties were unfortunate; they always are, but they happen. The game on Saturday was very defensive. Track awareness is key in every area of play.”

The Sirens went to the intermission leading the game 82-57 over the Bruisers, and the second half opened with the Sirens building their lead.

Nuncrusher took advantage of a penalty on Bruisers’ #333 WHIPple Threat and scored 25 points. That was the highest-scoring jam of the game and increased the Siren lead to 128-71.

#28 Lizzy Von Lethal of the Bruisers responded with a 16-point jam of her own to close the gap to 149-94, and Friday would have some redemption two jams later, as she scored 11 points to cut the lead to 49 (154-105).

However, the Bruisers went cold in scoring over the last 12 jams of the game, and they were held scoreless in nine jams, while the Sirens were limited to just four non-scoring jams in that same stretch.

Hunter said, “The Sirens defense is great. I don't think I know a team at their level of game play that anchors as well as they do. They have it down to a science. It was a very defensive game.”

The Sirens earned lead jammer status eight of 12 times in the last 10 minutes of the game, which helped build their lead, and they outscored the Bruisers 39-19 to win the bout 192-124.

The Backwoods Bruisers were led in scoring by Friday. She had 55 points and tied for the most points scored among the two teams. She led both teams in points per jam (PPJ) average with 3.93. #28 Lizzy Von Leathal scored 38 points and took home the Most Valuable Jammer award for the Bruisers. #333 WHIPple Threat and #357 Hunter S. Stomps ‘Em scored 17 and 12 points, respectively, and Crash-it-Critter #57 was awarded the Most Valuable Blocker Award.

The Flood City Sirens were led in scoring by Nuncrusher, who also had 55 points. Barbie O’Havoc tallied 48 points for J-Town and had the second best PPJ average at 3.69.

This particular derby bout benefited the American Red Cross. All summer long, the teams hosted blood drives to see which team could collect the most blood donations, and the J-Town Roller Girls won the trophy for most blood donated.

The Bruisers will welcome the Little Steel Derby Girls at 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 19. The game will take place at the DuBois Harley Shop on DuBois Ave. Northern Allegheny Roller Derby will be celebrating its five-year anniversary at the bout. Little Steel is a ranked Women’s Flat Track Derby Association team, currently at No. 305 in the world.