DERBY: Backwoods Bruisers play hard but lose in NY


JAMESTOWN, N.Y. — The Backwoods Bruisers of Northern Allegheny Roller Derby traveled to Jamestown, New York, and played the Warrin’ Wrecking Dolls. The Bruisers would play hard but lose to Warrin’ 196 to 145. The Bruisers were led in scoring by #28 Lizzy Von Lethal (55 points). Goblynn of Warrin led both teams in scoring with 62 points.

The Bruisers traveled to an old ice rink, Allen Park in Jamestown, to take on the Warrin’ Wrecking Dolls on Saturday, June 3. The Bruisers were the second game of a roller derby doubleheader that day. A fast-paced game allowed the Wrecking Dolls to hold off the Bruisers.

The first jam of the game had the most action and the most points scored by both teams in the game. Goblynn (#39) of Warrin’ earned lead jammer status but committed a track cut (passing while out of bounds) and lost the ability to call off the jam. #28 Lizzy Von Lethal of the Bruisers took advantage and scored 17 points in the two-minute jam. Three jams later, Bruisers’ rookie WHIPple Threat (#33) followed that up by earning 13 points and holding Warrin’ to just four points in the jam. The Bruisers would hold a narrow 30-26 point lead over Warrin’.

Warrin’ would then go on a short 14-4 run over three jams to retake the lead, 40-34. The jammer helmet cover would be given to #66 Sharp Shooter of the Bruisers, who matched Frau Rollin’s (#90) 14 points in jam 9, halfway through the first half. Lizzy Von Lethal would again retake the lead for the Bruisers’ with a 15-point jam to make the score 63-57 Bruisers. The Wrecking Dolls took the lead on jam #12, when Frau Rollin’ got nine points and swung the score 66-63.

Suzy Bonemaker #23 of Warrin’ scored one of the two 20-point-plus jams of the night to up the Dolls’ lead to 90-75. Both scored evenly in the last five jams of the first half, and going to the locker room, the Warrin’ Wrecking Dolls held a 118-96 lead.

In the second half, the Wrecking Dolls started with a 29-7 scoring run over the Bruisers. Goblynn scored the other 20-plus-point jam of the night and upped the Wrecking Dolls’ lead to 147-103. The Bruisers countered in the middle of the half with a 16-8 run of their own, thanks to Lizzy and WHIPple.

In the last five jams of the bout, the Bruisers went on a 20-5 run to close the game. Bruisers Captain Hunter S. Stomps’Em said, “less penalties on our end” aided the run. Warrin’ would maintain the lead they had from the beginning of the half and win 196-145.

The Warrin’ Wrecking Dolls scored seven 10-plus-point jams in the game to the Bruisers’ four. Warrin’ had the only two 20-plus-point jams of the night. The Backwoods Bruisers were also hampered by the 15 scoreless jams they had, compared to the six scoreless jams Warrin’ had.

The Backwoods Bruisers were lead in scoring by Lizzy Von Lethal, who also was voted Most Valuable Jammer by Warrin’. She had 55 points. WHIPple Threat scored 52 points for the Bruisers. #222 Darth Tater and Sharp Shooter contributed 22 and 14 points, respectively.

Crash-it-Critter (#57) was voted MVP Blocker by the Dolls. Warrin’ was led in scoring by Goblynn, who had 62 points. She led all scorers from both teams. Frau Rollin’ had 51 points and Maiden Raven (#666) gathered 44 points. Suzy Bonemaker was the only other jammer for Warrin’ and she had 39 points.

Hunter commented on how hard the Bruisers played: “We have had a lot of new teammates; some teammates come back from leave, some have left on leave and some have left indefinitely. It's been a bit of a struggle within our small league to find ourselves. Saturday proved those bugs are being worked out.”

The Backwoods Bruisers will be in action again on July 8, as they travel to face the Rink Assassin Dolls of Doom (RADD). The game will be played at the Meadville Area Recreation Complex in Meadville, Pa. The game will start at 4 p.m.