Clinton receives long-awaited endorsement from Sanders


N.H. (AP) โ€” A contentious Democratic primary fight ended Tuesday with hugs, handshakes and thank yous, as Bernie Sanders told supporters that their "political revolution" was dependent upon getting Hillary Clinton elected as the country's next president.

Sanders bestowed his long-awaited endorsement on his one-time rival, telling a boisterous New Hampshire crowd that he wanted to make it "as clear as possible as to why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton." He congratulated Clinton for securing enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination and vowed to do everything he could to help her defeat Republican candidate Donald Trump.

"This campaign is not really about Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, or any other candidate who sought the presidency. This campaign is about the needs of the American people and addressing the very serious crises that we face," Sanders said.

He added: "And there is no doubt in my mind that, as we head into November, Hillary Clinton is far and away the best candidate to do that."

Sanders delivered the endorsement just two weeks shy of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia but Clinton offered a huge smile, embracing Sanders as they raised their arms in unity. The former secretary of state said the final four months of the campaign would be "much more enjoyable" working alongside Sanders and echoed her campaign slogan, "We are stronger together."

During much of her remarks, Clinton embraced many of Sanders' causes, vowing to oppose trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, fight to raise the federal minimum wage โ€” adopting Sanders' tone, she called it a "starvation wage" โ€” and overhaul the campaign finance system.

"These aren't just my fights. These are Bernie's fights. These are America's fights," Clinton said.