Brookville police arrest suspected drug dealer

The Brookville Borough Police Department arrested a DuBois man Thursday night on suspicion of being a drug dealer, seizing methamphetamine and a large amount of heroin at the same time.

Matthew John Meholic, 29, has been charged with possession of a controlled substance, delivery/manufacture of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Jan. 16, Brookville police received a tip from a drug overdose task force in Elk County that Meholic was possibly at the Super 8 motel in Brookville. His vehicle was not there at the time, but the task force later called to report that Meholic was in Pittsburgh, allegedly getting more heroin and possibly returning to the Super 8.

After receiving a report that Meholic was back at the motel, police went there and spoke to the reporting party, who told them Meholic had taken a large duffel bag into his room, which saw a lot of foot traffic throughout the night. A background check determined that Meholic was on active probation through Elk County, supervised by Clearfield County. Police called the latter and were informed that Meholic allegedly violated the terms of his probation by not reporting his location out of county.

Police then knocked on the door, and Meholic answered. Assistance was requested when the responding Clearfield County officer reportedly saw several small packages suspected to be controlled substances in plain view on the nightstand. Police entered and detained Meholic. A pat-down allegedly yielded numerous syringes, methamphetamine and $2,370 in cash. Asked if he was in possession of any other controlled substances, Meholic reportedly directed police to the packages of heroin on the nightstand, as well as 11 more bricks of heroin hidden inside a coffee maker. Police said they found over 550 doses of heroin inside — a total of 560 including the 10 on the nightstand. They also reported finding a glass smoking pipe in plain view. Brookville police said the total street value of the seized drugs would be about $11,200.