Borough police charge behavioral health specialist with assault

Staff Writer

On Aug. 3, Punxsutawney Borough Police received a report of a child being physically assaulted on Grace Way in the Punxsutawney Borough, according to a release issued by Chief Matt Conrad on Thursday morning. Police then conducted an investigation and said they discovered that a nine-year-old autistic child had been struck, shaken and subjected to physical contact by a behavioral health specialist based out of DuBois.

The release identified the behavioral health specialist as Jenmina Baker of Brockway and said that witnesses in the residence, to include another behavioral health worker from an agency based in Brookville, reported to police that Baker became enraged by the child's defiant and negative behaviors and began manhandling him, which in turn caused the child to lash out. "Baker received a bloody nose, and she then began repeatedly wiping her own blood onto her hand and smearing it onto the child's face, and asking him how he likes it," the release added.

Police added that the child required medical attention for the injuries he sustained as a result of the assault and was treated for the exposure to blood.

Police have filed a criminal complaint against Baker, charging her with simple assault and harassment.