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Mother's Day


May 9, 2014

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Allison Waltman
(5 yrs.)
Allison, daughter of Tricia and John
Waltman, Jr., is the winner, chosen at
random, of the $50 Mother’s Day gift
certifcate. Allison will redeem her gift
certifcate at Walmart.
Artist: Kelsie McManus
(12 yrs.)
Mother: Judy McManus
Artist: Audrey Jean Johnson
(8 yrs.)
Mother: Jeanne Porada
Artist: Jacelyn H. Gardner Artist: Amanda Rae Corbett Artist: Kairi Pratt
(6 yrs.)
Mother: Kambrea Pratt
Artist: Meila Woods
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Diana
Artist: Tristan Pratt
(10 yrs.)
Mother: Kambrea Pratt
Artist: Elanna Stormer
Artist: Mackenzie Poole
(7 yrs.)
Mother: Kym
Artist: Ean Wazelle
(7 yrs.)
Mother: Angela
Artist: Nicolai Britton
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Nadine
Artist: Brehanna Satterlee
Mother: Bev
Artist: Emma Kendrick
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Melissa
Artist: Adien Ishman
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Lisa
Artist: Ellie Bodenhorn
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Heather
Artist: Harper Cameron
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Erin
Artist: Keiana O’Dell
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Lisa
Artist: Karson Base
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Erica
Artist: Eddy Chiplis
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Brittany Malone
Artist: Eva Yount
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Heather Yount
Artist: Marky Rand
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Kristy Marshall
Artist: Sylis Shank
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Ricky Sholes
Artist: Carter Huth
Artist: Addason Freeman
(7 yrs.)
Mother: Hillary
Artist: Julia Kunkle
(6 yrs.)
Mother: Natalie
Artist: Gracie Christine
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Jessica
Artist: Hamza Alzuhal
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Iman
Artist: Ella White
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Shannon
Artist: Andrew Seese
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Jamie
Artist: Aleeya Knox
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Chelsey
Artist: Parker Adams
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Jennifer
Artist: Camden Fischer
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Ashlee
Artist: Cheyenne Gervasoni
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Susan
Artist: Rachel Houser
(10 yrs.)
Mother: Stacy
Artist: Maisie Eberhart
(9 yrs.)
Mother: Cammi Kunselman
Artist: Karlee Stiver
(10 yrs.)
Mother: Renee Stiver
Artist: Mercy Smith
(8 yrs.)
Mother: Drinda Smith
Artist: Henry J. Troyer
(11 yrs.)
Mother: MaryAnn
Artist: Margaret Troyer
(14 yrs.)
Mother: MaryAnn
Artist: Luke Grusky
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Holly
Artist: Mary Grusky
(7 yrs.)
Mother: Holly
Artist: Matthew Grusky
(8 yrs.)
Mother: Holly
Artist: Addison Stiver
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Renee Stiver
Artist: Talon Benner
(8 yrs.)
Mother: Angel Danz
Artist: Jackie Danz
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Angel Danz
Artist: Mackenzi Kanouff
(3 yrs.)
Mother: Amanda
Artist: Harley Benner
(10 yrs.)
Mother: Angel Danz
Artist: Ryan Piszker
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Lisa
Artist: Saanvi Patel
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Hetalban
Women are busier today
than ever before. The demands
of work and the responsibili-
ties of family life can domi-
nate a woman’s time, making
it increasingly difficult to find
time to kick back and relax.
As their careers take off and
families grow, many women
find it challenging to make
time for social interactions,
particularly with their female
friends. But ladies’ night out
is a great way to relieve stress
and maintain social contacts.
Making time to hang out with
friends can be good for the
body and mind.
Give plenty of notice
When planning a ladies’
night out, give several weeks’
worth of notice so more peo-
ple can carve out time to
attend. Begin plans for a get-
together a month or more in
advance, asking friends which
dates work and which will
not. Treat a night out with
friends just like you would
any important obligation.
Try something new
It may be tempting to lean
on old habits and make ladies’
night out the run-of-the-mill
dinner and drinks. Instead,
think unconventionally and
find ways to make time spent
with friends more engaging.
How about signing up for a
cooking class where you can
socialize and learn a few new
culinary secrets? Otherwise,
do something out of character.
Attend a poetry reading or
visit an art museum.
Have a plan
Plan activities before ev-
eryone l eaves t he house.
Otherwise, you may waste
precious time brainstorming
where to go or what to do.
There is a good chance those
part i ci pat i ng i n t he ni ght
out are pressed for time, so
maximize moments spent to-
gether by planning the night
in advance.
Downplay the role of
Alcoholic beverages are
often at the center of social
occasions. Women are largely
social drinkers, but alcohol
does not need to be a part
of the festivities. Overcon-
sumption of alcohol has been
linked to the development of
breast cancer and may cause
damage to the heart and liver.
Look for ways to spend time
together that don’t involve
Hire a sitter
A night out with the ladies
is a chance to enjoy some
adult time with friends. Hav-
ing kids in tow can make it
difficult for women to relax.
Rather than worrying about
what the children are up to at
home or if your spouse is go-
ing to call, hire a trusted sit-
ter to stay with the children.
This way everyone can relax
and know the kids are well
cared for.
Keep activities private
Women who move be-
tween different social circles
may have some friends that
overlap. Rather than risking
hurting a friend’s feelings, try
not to advertise social plans
with everyone. This could
mean restricting postings on
social networking sites. Fla-
grant check-ins or streaming
photos from your night out
could seem disrespectful of
others and may lead others to
feel left out.
A night out with the ladies
is an ideal way to unwind and
enjoy a respite from packed
daily schedules. Following
a few suggestions can make
these social opportunities
even more enjoyable.
2 – Mother’s Day, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May, 2014
(BPT) – Did you know the act of smiling can
impact both how you look and how you feel?
Dove research finds that one in three women
hardly ever smile at themselves because they
don’t like what they see in the mirror.
Building a positive relationship with beauty
helps women to feel more confident, and every
encounter with the mirror can be a positive affir-
mation for a woman of her beauty. Research has
shown that girls replicate their mother’s behav-
iors about beauty, confidence, and self-esteem; so
this Mother’s Day, Dove encourages all women
to smile when they look in the mirror.
Jess Weiner, the Dove Global Self-Esteem
Ambassador, offers five reasons to keep beaming
this Mother’s Day:
Sets a positive example
It’s important that mothers recognize the
beauty in themselves in order to set positive
examples for their daughters. All women can
recapture the elation they felt when they looked
at their reflection as a young girl and pass that
feeling on to the next generation.
Improves levels of happiness
Studies show that smiling is effortless and
immediate. It has been proven that smiling can
actually make you happier. In the UK, a British
study found that one smile can even provide
the same level of stimulation as up to 2,000
chocolate bars.
Improves health
Smiling can also provide therapeutic effects.
An Empirical Reflection on the Smile docu-
mented positive effects such as reduced stress
hormone levels, increased health and mood
enhancing hormone levels, and lowered blood
It’s contagious
A Swedish study included in the Journal of
Nonverbal Behavior proved that humans are
wired to smile back. It is an unconscious, au-
tomatic response. So, when you wear a smile,
you can help to lift the moods of the people
around you.
Today is your day
Mother’s Day is a great day to be celebrated
by those who love you, but it is also important
for you to celebrate yourself. Whether it’s your
first or your 50th, smile and enjoy having a much-
deserved day that is all about you.
Reasons to smile this Mother’s Day
Few gestures of affection create such a stir
as presenting a loved one with breakfast in bed.
On special occasions, treating a loved one to
breakfast in bed can get their big day off on
the right foot. The success of such an endeavor
often boils down to following a few tips.
• The surprise of breakfast in bed is almost
as important as the presentation. Make sure
everyone keeps the secret and rises early
enough to prepare the meal. Time the meal
so that it is ready when the person of honor
typically awakes.
• Banging and clanking in the kitchen does
not a relaxing morning make, so select an
easily prepared dish to cut back on the noise.
Store- or restaurant-bought foods can still
make a nice impression if they are dressed
• Adult supervision is a must when young
kids are cooking. This ensures everything goes
safely and smoothly while still giving kids the
chance to pitch in.
• Delegate some tasks to kids. A young child
may be able to arrange flowers in a vase, while
a slightly older child may be more adept at
slicing toast or helping to flip pancakes. The
breakfast should be a joint effort so that the
person treated to breakfast knows everyone
involved cared enough to pitch in.
• Choose easy-to-eat foods. Crumbly and
messy foods are not the ideal fit for breakfast
in bed. No one wants to spill food onto pillows
or go to bed the next evening to find a pile of
crumbs beneath the sheets. Finger foods or
bite-sized items that can be popped into the
mouth will not make much of a mess. Crepes
may be a nice alternative to messier muffins.
Serve coffee or tea in a cup with a lid to help
prevent spills.
• Invest in a food tray to make serving break-
fast in bed that much easier. A bedside table
or nightstand also can fit the bill.
• Add small details to make the breakfast
even more special. Use heart- or flower-shaped
cookie cutters to add whimsy to everything
from pancakes to fruit. A hand-written card
or poem is another nice touch.
Breakfast in bed is a special treat for any
family member. Employing a few strategies for
success can make it that much more special.
Make mom’s day special
with breakfast in bed
(BPT) – If you think your
mom wants another messy
breakfast in bed that ends with
her scrubbing pancake batter
off the counter, think again.
Moms today are looking for
modern gifts that speak to
their personality and create an
experience for them and their
family. Here are some options
that go beyond the boring gifts
and offer a fresh take on the
perfect Mother’s Day gift for
your modern mom.
Flowers may be a classic
choice, but moms love them.
The annual report from the
National Retail Federation
notes that two-thirds of those
celebrating Mother’s Day will
be celebrating with flowers.
This year, put a new spin on
a classic gift with a modern
favorite – orchids. As the 2014
color of the year, radiant orchid
is a bright and beautiful color
guaranteed to make any mom
smile. ProFlowers carries fresh
radiant orchids that would
make the perfect on-trend gift
for modern moms this year.
Online shopping spree
Today’s modern mom wears
many hats, and she deserves a
different outfit for each of those
hats. Buying her a new blouse
for work or a silk scarf for an
evening out is a classic choice,
but consider letting her choose
her own outfit in the comfort of
her own home. Modern moms
have their favorite online store,
so don’t take all the browsing
fun away from them – help
your mom relax with a deli-
cious champagne brunch and
let her choose what she wants
for Mother’s Day. Just don’t be
surprised if the gift she wants is
already bookmarked under her
favorites! If she needs a little
offers a variety of unique prod-
ucts, from sentimental jewelry
to linen pillows that can be per-
sonalized for a perfect Mother’s
Day gift she’ll remember for
years to come.
Tasty treats
Every mom loves a box of
chocolates, and it’s the per-
fect way to indulge her on a
special day. But if you really
want to astound your modern
mom, thrill her palate with
gourmet dipped strawberries
from Shari’s Berries. These
delectable desserts treat her
taste buds to the sweet treat of
chocolate and the savory deli-
ciousness of ripe strawberries,
all in one.
Personal assistance
There is little time to rest
for the modern mom because
of her numerous professional
and personal obligations. So
why not give her the gift of
assistance? Tackle that outside
project she’s been putting off,
run those errands she doesn’t
have time for or offer to babysit
while she enjoys the opportu-
nity to relax. Your assistance
may be just what she needs to
recharge her batteries.
Techy mom
The modern mom on your
list may have every new tech
gadget on the market, but that
doesn’t mean you can’t find a
unique way for her to enjoy her
modern devices. Personal Cre-
ation’s 3 Piece Ikat Print Phone,
iPad Case and Sleeve Set pro-
vides the cases she needs for
her iPhone and iPad, all with a
fun, modern print personalized
with her name that she’ll enjoy
displaying all year long.
Mother’s Day is the perfect
time of year to show your mom
just how important she is. Get
your modern mom exactly what
she wants this Mother’s Day to
keep her smiling all year long.
Five gifts for the modern mom
Enjoy a successful ladies’ night out
Mot her ’s Day i s r i ght
around the corner, and this
speci al hol i day serves t o
honor all those women who
devote so much time and ef-
fort to their families. While
gifts and other trinkets are
certainly part of the celebra-
tion, a vast majority of chil-
dren opt to treat Mom to a
night out on the town come
Mother’s Day. Not only does
this give mom a night off from
cooking, but also it presents
an opportunity to get dressed
up and spend time together as
a family.
A vast number of families
travel to their favorite restau-
rants for Mother’s Day meals.
Mother’s Day is one of the
busiest holidays of the year
for restaurants. The National
Retail Federation says 54.8
percent of Americans treat
their mothers to a special meal
out on Mother’s Day. Billions
of dollars are generated by
people eating out with their
mothers. With large crowds to
be expected, diners can follow
a few tips when treating Mom
to a meal.
• Book early ... very early.
To guarantee a reservation at
any restaurant, namely your
favorite restaurant, you will
need to make a reservation
well in advance of Mother’s
Day. It’s never too early to
put your name on the res-
ervation list. Don’t forget
Mother’s Day is Sunday, May
11, 2014.
• Expect to wait. Even with
a reservation, you’re bound to
spend some time waiting at the
restaurant. Other families may
be lingering at their tables, as
no one wants to rush Mom out
of the door. Plan accordingly
for a potentially long wait
time. This means having a
snack before you leave. Don’t
arrive famished, as no one
wants the dining party to be
hungry and cranky, which is
not a good way to celebrate
Mom. Have plenty of snacks
and drinks on hand for young
children, as well as activities
to keep them entertained.
• Consider dining out a
day before or after. Restau-
rants are generally packed on
Mother’s Day, and as a result
kitchen and wait staffs might
be overtaxed. What’s more,
diners might be relegated to a
special or abbreviated menu.
If you want a more relaxed
setting and the ability to order
whatever you desire, it may
be a better idea to celebrate
Mother’s Day in advance.
Then have Mom enjoy a relax-
ing day at home on her special
• Take-out is an option.
Families can treat Mom to
a dinner out, without really
having to go out. Many res-
taurants offer takeout service,
so you will not be limited to
pizza or Chinese. Even chain
rest aurant s have curbsi de
service, so if Mom is in the
mood for a burger or some-
thing more elaborate, she’ll
have that option.
• Expect an included gra-
tuity. Restaurants often in-
clude a gratuity in the bill
when servicing larger parties,
such as those that might be
celebrating Mother’s Day.
The standard gratuity rate is
18 percent, but you may want
to go above and beyond if you
feel the service is exemplary.
• Hire a sitter for young
kids. Although Mother’s Day
is a chance for the entire fam-
ily to spend time together, the
main goal is to ensure Mom’s
comfort and happiness. If very
young children are in tow, she
may not be able to relax and
enjoy her meal. Infants will
need to be fed, and toddlers
may be easily distracted. Have
a sitter watch little ones when
adults are dining out, and then
Mom can enjoy time with the
kids when she returns home
for more celebrating.
(BPT) – It’s that time of
year to recognize the impor-
tant people in your life. From
Mother’s Day and Father’s
Day to weddings and gradua-
tions, there are plenty of rea-
sons to celebrate your loved
ones. But this year, don’t fall
into the trap of giving generic
cards and gifts that are often
discarded. It’s easier than
ever to create a special pres-
ent that comes from the heart,
for any occasion.
Personalization is a lead-
ing gifting trend, meaning
more people are skipping ge-
neric gift options and creat-
ing sentimental presents that
instantly become cherished
keepsakes. Gifts that convey
meaning and embrace special
memories are sure to make a
lasting impression. Even for
the most time-starved among
us, the following quick and
easy ideas are guaranteed to
make your loved one smile:
One-of-a-kind card:
Make her blush or brighten
his day with a customized
card that features fun photos
and a t ouchi ng message.
Creating a wonderful, one-
of-a-kind creation takes just
a few minutes when you take
your camera or photo card to
the nearest KODAK Picture
Kiosk. In various formats and
sizes for less than $2.00, pho-
to cards are very affordable
and have loads of sentimental
value. Choose from tons of
exclusive modern, creative
layouts from designers like
Bonnie Marcus to delight
every parent, grad or bride-
to-be in your life.
Personalized flowerpot:
Beaut i f ul bl ooms and
warm weather are the perfect
pai ri ng, and givi ng fl ow-
ers is always a classic gift.
But why not take it one step
further and make a personal-
ized flowerpot that can be
used season after season?
Perfect for Mom, Grandma or
anyone with a green thumb,
flowerpots can be decorated
with a favorite photo and then
painted for a one-of-a-kind
homemade design. Finish by
adorning with a colorful bow
that matches the beautiful
blooms held within the pot.
Photo collages:
A carefully crafted photo
collage of special images
can make a stunning gift that
tugs at the heartstrings and
only takes minutes to make.
Thanks to advanced printing
technology, you can skip the
scissors and paste and cre-
ate a professional-looking
collage for less at your local
photo printer. For mothers,
add photos of special family
moments from a recent vaca-
tion, or for grads, add photos
from different grades as way
to reflect on how quickly
time flies. Place the collage
in a frame and pair it with
a card for a gift that will be
cherished long after the party
is over.
Creative handprints:
Every person’s hand and
fingerprints are unique – use
them to create crafty gifts that
convey the special love your
family shares for each other.
Hand impressions in clay
stepping stones make unique
presents that can be placed
in a garden or displayed on
a shelf. Or, adorn a family
picture with a matte featur-
ing the kids’ handprints. Use
paint or ink and carefully
press hands to the matte so
it doesn’t smudge. You might
want to try a few times on a
practice piece of paper first
before adding handprints to
the matte. Choose one color
or let kids each pick their
own favorite hue to represent
their unique personalities.
Photo blocks:
Impress loved ones young
and old by creating special
photo blocks that display
favorite images from the past
year. Start by buying wood
blocks at your local craft
store. Usually four or five is
a good amount. Then order
prints - any time, anywhere
by downl oadi ng t he f r ee
My KODAK Moments App,
which makes it easy to access
images from your phone or
social media sites like Fa-
cebook or Instagram. Once
materials are collected, cut
each photo to the block size
and attach with spray adhe-
sive. Add a special message
on the corner of each block
with a marker or stamp. Some
people write out “mama,”
“l ove” or anot her speci al
word to add a personalized
touch to this easy-to-make
Mother’s Day, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, May, 2014 – 3
Giving from the heart: Some simple tips for
creating personalized gifts with deep meaning
Tips for dining out on Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated across the
country and around the world. However, have you ever
thought about the tradition behind the day?
The earliest Mother’s Day celebrations can be traced
to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece in honor of
Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. During the 1600s, England
celebrated a day called “Mothering Sunday,” on the fourth
Sunday of Lent (the 40-day period leading up to Easter).
“Mothering Sunday” honored the mothers of England.
During this time, many of England’s poor worked as
servants for the wealthy. As most jobs were located far
from their homes, the servants lived at the houses of their
employers. On Mothering Sunday, servants had the day
off and were encouraged to return home to spend the day
with their mothers. A special cake, called the mothering
cake, was often brought along to provide a festive touch.
As Christianity spread throughout Europe, the celebra-
tion changed to honor the “Mother Church” – the spiritual
power that gave them life and protected them from harm.
Over time, the church festival blended with the Mothering
Sunday celebration. People began honoring their moth-
ers as well as the church.
In the United States, Mother’s Day was frst suggest-
ed in 1872 by Julia Ward Howe (who wrote the words to
the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”) as a day dedicated
to peace. Ms. Howe organized Mother’s Day meetings in
Boston every year.
In 1907, Anna Jarvis, of Philadelphia, campaigned to
establish a national Mother’s Day. Ms. Jarvis persuaded
her mother’s church in Grafton, West Virginia, to celebrate
Mother’s Day on the second anniversary of her mother’s
death, the second Sunday of May. By the next year, Moth-
er’s Day was also celebrated in Philadelphia.
Ms. Jarvis and her supporters wrote to ministers, busi-
nessmen and politicians in their quest to establish a na-
tional Mother’s Day. It was successful, and by 1911, Moth-
er’s Day was celebrated in almost every state. In 1914,
President Woodrow Wilson made the offcial announce-
ment proclaiming Mother’s Day as a national holiday that
was to be held each year on the second Sunday of May.
While many countries celebrate their own Mother’s
Days at different times throughout the year, some coun-
tries, like Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia and
Belgium, also celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sun-
day of May.
Mother’s Day has rich history
Artist: Jagger Smith
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Jessica Vrobel
Artist: Isaac Markle
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Jennifer Markle
Artist: Lucas Silverstein
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Ashley Minster
Artist: Jaydan Campbell
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Tara Campbell
Artist: Joshua Dobson
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Audrey Dobson
Artist: Jakob Fetterman
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Jennifer Fetterman
Artist: Caisen Barnoff
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Amber Barnoff
Artist: Jake DeFoor
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Mary DeFoor
Artist: William Kunkle
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Natalie Kunkle
Artist: Starr Doty
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Lisa Doty
Artist: Rachel Kunkle
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Natalie Kunkle
Artist: Lyndsey Schurr
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Melissa Schurr
Artist: Skylee Rickard
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Tania Rickard
Artist: Aleena Andrews
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Natalie Andrews
Artist: Alivia Cochran
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Stacey Cochran
Artist: Lilly Houser
(6 yrs.)
Mother: Stacy
Artist: Treven Barnoff
(9 yrs.)
Mother: Amber
Artist: Mikayla Harris
(8 yrs.)
Mother: Jessica
Artist: Wesley Pearce
(9 yrs.)
Mother: Melissa
Artist: Eastyn Kopas
(7 yrs.)
Mother: Cherie
Artist: Alexis Dahlstrom
(6 yrs.)
Mother: Jamie
Artist: Abbie Duncan
(7 yrs.)
Mother: Barb
Artist: Cameron Gaston
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Amy Gaston
Artist: Madilynn Gaston
(2 yrs.)
Mother: Amy Gaston
Artist: Thomas Miller
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Melissa Dolby
Artist: Brady Lavoie
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Samantha Decker
Artist: Ian Leseman
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Melissa Leseman
Artist: Nicholas Leseman
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Melissa Leseman
Artist: Jazmine Bishop
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Jessica Bishop
Artist: Joshua Gould
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Brandy Gould
Artist: Holly Fisher
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Dawn Fisher
Artist: Scout Ryen
(3 yrs.)
Mother: Brianne Ryen
Artist: Jace Rossman
(3 yrs.)
Mother: Jasmine Rossman
Artist: Lucas Baun
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Kaci
Artist: Taylor Frampton
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Elise
Artist: Kareem Hasan
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Doha
Artist: Marcella Rickard
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Tania
Artist: Parker Pifer
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Mindie Pifer
Artist: Mary Hollenbaugh
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Samantha
Artist: Aiden Anthony
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Gena
Artist: Josh Phillips
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Maria
Artist: Alyssa Altman
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Sally
Artist: Abbigail Zampini
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Heather
Artist: Zoey Rushnok
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Wendy
Artist: Alexis Covatch
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Jenniffer
Artist: Caden Macormac
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Sara
Artist: Colby
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Keri
Artist: Ella Burke
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Sarah
Artist: Trey Vollmer
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Laura
Artist: Kalista Lester
(5 yrs.)
Mother: Loni
Artist: Kenny Anderson
(4 yrs.)
Mother: Tina
Happy Mother’s Day!
This document is © 2014 by editor - all rights reserved.
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Due to the school cancellation the 2015 Groundhog King and Queen will be crowned at the Groundhog Banquet, which will...
The Punxsutawney Area School District has announced that school has officially been canceled for today due to weather...
The PAHS senior class chose four senior boys and four senior girls to represent the 2015 Groundhog King and Queen Court...
New England vs. Seattle 2/1 6:30 (ET) University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ
The Lady Chucks earned a season sweep of the Brookville Lady Raiders on Tuesday with a 56-36...
On Defend Against Cancer Night at PAHS, the Lady Chucks turned up the defensive pressure to match...


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