Attempted homicide charges dropped in Punxsy shooting

Staff Writer

Jefferson County dropped charges of attempted homicide against Punxsutawney resident Nathan Scott Brady on Thursday morning, prior to a preliminary hearing related to an incident in March in which he allegedly fired in the direction of an occupied vehicle on Sutton Street in Punxsutawney.

Jefferson County District Attorney Jeff Burkett said the four counts of attempted homicide were dropped after witness interviews and forensic evidence led investigators to conclude that Brady fired at the pavement and not the vehicle. The damage to the vehicle was a result of ricochets. The county then added four counts of simple assault to the list of charges. The other initial charges — four counts of aggravated assault attempts with indifference to life, five counts of recklessly endangering another person and four counts of propelling missiles into an occupied vehicle — remain in place.

Ultimately, Brady and his attorney, Christopher Mohney, opted to waive the preliminary hearing and have the case proceed to the Court of Common Pleas. However, Mohney requested that Brady's bail be amended in light of new charges. Bail was originally set at $200,000 by District Judge David Inzana.

Mohney argued that Brady has no prior criminal record and will be able to return to his job if he is released. He said Brady is not a flight risk and cited health concerns related to his Huntington's disease.

Burkett said any bail amendment would need to keep in mind the seriousness of the incident, particularly given the involvement of a deadly weapon. He requested that any attempt to post bail include no-contact provisions for the four victims, as well as Brady's girlfriend because of her connection to the incident. He also asked for conditions that Brady be barred from drinking or entering bars.

District Judge Douglas Chambers ultimately agreed to $100,000 unsecured bail. He granted all of Burkett's conditions and added a random drug screening provision.

Brady then waived the hearing.